oak tree in backyard

9 Signs a Tree Is Dying and What You Should Do About It

Are you concerned a tree on your property is dying? Learn the signs and symptoms indicating you have a dying tree and discover what you can do to protect your home and family.

Healthy trees bring beauty and shade to your yard, but a dying tree can lead to destruction and even injury. Knowing the difference between a healthy tree, a sick tree that requires professional attention, and one that is dying and requires removal is critical to ensure your property is safe.

It may seem unlikely that a falling limb or tree will injury someone, but it is possible and not a risk worth taking. Even more likely is the scenario in which a dying tree crashes down and damages your home or personal property.

Most homeowners do not possess the expertise necessary to determine whether a tree is healthy, sick, or dying. Turning to trusted tree service professionals will help you know for sure what is going on with your tree and when to take action.

Keep reading to learn the nine signs indicating your tree may be dying and discover the best steps you can take to make safety a priority.

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