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Keeping your grass mowed in Florida can seem like an endless task.  With the daily rain and full sun, the grass (and weeds) grows back in just a few days!  Let us help you stay on top of your lawn maintenance in the summer months and all year round.


Let Thornley’s Affordable Home Services take over your lawn care needs. We have a professional lawn crew that will show up on a regular basis to ensure your home is always looking beautiful. We will mow your grass, edge the driveway and sidewalks, trim all borders with the weed eater and blow the trimmings.  We will keep your home looking beautiful – no sweat!


We also offer one-time mowing service for those of you who do their own lawn care.  Whether you’re going on vacation, working overtime, the lawn is overgrown, or you just need a break, let Thornley’s lawn crew come out to do a one-time mowing service to keep your lawn trimmed and under control.

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Lawn Care You Can Depend On

The #1 reason we receive phone calls for lawn care service is because the other guys didn’t show up.  We understand the importance of consistency and dependability.  That’s why we schedule a day of the week that we will show up and cut your grass.  And, if there is any reason we can’t make it that day such as bad weather or equipment failure, we will communicate with you ahead of time and let you know when we will be able to make it out.

 On Time and Reliable
  Friendly Lawn Crew
  Includes Mowing, Trimming, Edging and Blowing
  Regular Service or One-Time Cut
  No Long Term Contract Required
  Free Quote

We mow your lawn at the right height depending on the type of grass you have to ensure your lawn doesn’t get scalped or burned by the sun. We also sharpen our mower blades daily to ensure a nice clean cut that will keep your grass healthy and looking beautiful. When we’re mowing, we take our time and we use the right size equipment to be sure not to make ruts in your yard.
We will edge and trim your grass to give it that professional, sharp edge look. We take pride in making clean lines and curves to make the borders of your lawn look pristine. We believe edging and trimming is what sets apart a professionally maintained lawn and the rest.
Nobody likes to see messy grass clippings all over the driveway, sidewalk and road. We will leave your home or business looking fresh and clean cut. Not only do we blow the main areas, but anything that gets clippings and dust from when we cut, edge and trim your lawn.
Let us take care of your lawn.
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