Tampa, FL Tree and Stump Removal, Lawn Service
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Need to clean up your land or property? Is the yard overgrown and getting out of hand? We offer full service land clean up from bush-hog to complete tree and stump removal. Whether you're taking over a property and need to do a one-time clean-up, or you need to do an annual yard clean-up, give Thornley's Affordable Home Services a call at 813-781-4735. Whatever you have on your property that you need removed, we can remove it!

Property Cleanup


Do you have vines growing all over your fence or home? How about tree limbs looming over your fence, screened porch or roof? Are your landscaping bushes growing too tall or too wide, getting out of hand? If your property is overgrown and has gone beyond what you can handle, let us give you a free quote to come trim things up.


Does your property look like a jungle? We have a bush hog that can clear your land fast. We can get rid of of undergrowth such as tall grass, weeds and vines, bushes, palmettos, saplings and more. Imagine what you could do with all that area that we'll be cleaning out. Not only will your property be more spacious and useful, but will look more beautiful.


Got junk? Perhaps a dilapidated structure such as an old shed, or rundown playground? How about old vehicles such as a school bus, boat, truck or car? Whether you inherited the junk with the property (inside or outside), or you've decided to clean out the unnecessary junk in your life, we have the capacity to remove the junk from your property quickly and dispose of it for you.


Who We Typically Work With

Although the following lists the most common people that need our yard clean-up and junk removal services, we work with anyone who needs our help.

  New Homeowners
  Real Estate Investors
  Foreclosure Banks