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Did you hire a company to remove a large tree and they left you with a tree stump in the yard?  Many tree removal companies don’t offer stump removal or stump grinding services, because it takes special equipment and knowledge.

One thing to keep in mind is how removing the trunk will affect the foundation of your home due to the large roots that may have traveled under the structure.  That’s something we will go over with you when we are giving you a free quote to do the job.

The good news is… Thornley’s Affordable Home Services can handle your stump removal and stump grinding needs!

Complete Stump Removal

Removing a tree is one thing, but completely removing the stump is a very tedious job that must be done carefully and thoroughly to ensure the stump and roots are completely removed.
We have the necessary equipment and over 15 years of experience removing tree stumps quickly and permanently. Once the tree stump and large roots are removed, we fill the hole with packed dirt to give you a solid foundation without a sinking or soft spot in your yard. Once the grass grows in, nobody will ever know you had a huge tree there before.

Stump Grinding

Sometimes you don’t need all the roots to be removed, but you do want the bulky, obnoxious tree stump to be gone so you can have a nice level area without a tree stump in the way. That’s when we recommend our stump grinding service. This is a more affordable service than entirely removing the tree trunk.


Just like when we do tree trimming and tree removal, we will haul the tree trunk and roots away so your yard will look tidy and beautiful when we’re all done. If we’re grinding your tree stump, we will take all the sawdust with us so you have a clean and safe area to use without the mess.



Our tree stump grinding service starts at $100. Pricing varies depending on the size, type of tree, and location of the trunk.

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